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February 1, 2021

How to NOT overthink your content!

Spending too much time on snapping up the right pic? Taking forever to publish a post and getting the right captions? We know exactly how hard it is to not overthink your content because at times, we struggle with this too! Luckily, we’ve come up with some tips along the way to help UN-OVERTHINK the process and we’re happy to share these tips with you! But first, put these three things in your mind: Be natural, have confidence and most importantly, be YOURSELF…

TIP 1: DO NOT over edit your photos! 

We understand, getting a bit carried away editing photos…it makes us feel like we have such great power at our finger tips, we could make our photos look however we want…filters, contrast, sepia, sharpening, cropping, so many adjustments! It can be fun, however, it can come with many photo editing mistakes. Don’t get us wrong, edit your photos, but let’s not change the saturation to 60%, let’s make it more natural. In other words, edit your photos to subtly enhance. Natural catches the eye, believe it or not. 

TIP 2 – Get the RIGHT image, without editing

Lighting? Check! Back drops? Check! Props? Check! Here’s a starter on how to get that perfect post without even editing! Make sure your room is well lit. I am a sucker for natural sunlight, however, a ring light does wonders when you don’t have much light. Get a few props for the background and surrounds of your space, a nice marble back drop, for instance, and a few plants is a great idea. Preparing the right space, standing close to or positioning your products by the window light (if available) and having the right props, if need be, helps so much with not having to over-thinking your content after you shoot it. A well-balanced image will hardly need extra work.


TIP 3 – Caption naturally!

Sometimes I sit staring at the post I’m wanting to share for a good five minutes (at the least!) trying to figure out the PERFECT caption to match my post. Really though, the best captions come naturally. Rather than thinking about it let it come naturally. People appreciate it more when its said with realism and from the heart. When writing your caption, consider your audience, and always write like you’re talking to them. When people are scrolling through their Instagram feed, they’re caught up in thinking about themselves, so take advantage of that and write for them!


To sum all this up, there’s always room for improvement, and without posting a lot, how are you going to improve on it? Take the time to post as often as you can. You will then start to see where you need to improve on, rather than overthinking what you should post the first time! Going back to the beginning, do you remember the three important things for helping to not overthink your content? Starting with the most important: be yourself, have confidence, be natural…Lessgooo!

If you have a question or feel you need someone to analyse your content, feel free to contact us. We’re more than happy to help. 😍

Nat xx

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