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December 3, 2020

How to source the right influencer for your industry

Using social media influencers as a marketing strategy for your business has become one of the most effective ways for your social media to grow. Although sourcing social media influencers could be an easy task for some, how do you know that you’re targeting the right influencer to increase your social media exposure and/or to help sell your products or service?

It is a known fact that consumers love a third party opinion other than just the brand itself. A person is always going to believe somebody who recommends or vouches a business for them. This is where an influencer comes in… Think of an influencer like someone who is a mutual friend that is connecting your brand to your targeted consumers.


Now, note: TARGETED consumers.

This means by sourcing the right influencer for your industry, you need to make sure that your targeted influencer is relevant to your industry. For example, for the food industry, you’re going to want to have an influencer who is either a food blogger and/or a lifestyle blogger who loves to get out and about. For the fashion industry, look for an influencer who genuinely loves your clothes and is happy to tag you in their photos. This is important as they’re recommending your brand to their following, who would be your ideal target market.

Once you’ve got the targeted audience intact, you now need to find your influencer. By doing this, you need to search, search, search! Search specific hashtags and see top posts which are trending for this hashtag. Then look out for key influencers related to this hashtag. See what they’re posting, what they’re writing about and how driven they are to market for you. Start by considering the influencer profile you’re after: what age and gender do you prefer? Do they need to be from your city? And does their follower count matter? Once that’s sorted and you’ve found your perfect influencer, you need to make sure you’re reaching out to this influencer the right way. Generally, contacting the influencer by email is the most effective way, but, if you can’t seem to find their email no need to stress, sending a direct message is fine as well! Have a look at their Insta bio and see their preferred method of contact as most influencers will have this on their bio. Reach out to the influencer by keeping it simple. Simply introduce your brand and why you’re interested in this particular influencer to collaborate with you.

Now, compensation. If the influencer is going to engage their following to your brand you’re going to need to compensate with them, this doesn’t always need to be done financially, it could also be done through shoutouts, product discounts, giveaways or even commission. Before anything, make sure your influencer is happy with the compensation that is offered to them.

If you have a question or need more advice about how to go about finding suitable influencers for your industry, feel free to contact us. 😍

Nat xx

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