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July 29, 2020
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January 28, 2021

How to stay social for your business during COVID19!

Regardless of the industry you’re in, your business should have some updates posted on social media. These updates could include: where you’re business is at in this world crisis, what changes you’ve put in place to accommodate your customers’ needs and how you and your team are managing your roles under the health and safety regulations. Every business is feeling it now (except for the toilet paper companies…spare a square?).

As business owners, we want to make sure we are versatile and able to adapt to new environmental changes. So rather than diss your social media as an unimportant task right now, take advantage of the power of social, and keep your community well informed and engaged in your desire to stay strong and progressive in your business. This is a crucial time to be present on your business’s social media channels!


Here are some ideas for a few industries we’ve worked with, in what you could be posting to your social media, to keep your social feed in a consistent flow:

Food industry

  • Take out menu
  • Photographs of take-out dishes
  • Photographs of chefs cooking take-out dishes
  • Ask audience to support your local business and create “appreciation’ posts
  • Create short videos updating your audience about the changes you’ve put in place


  • Inform audience about the social distancing practices put in place on site
  • Create a short video of your workers utilising additional PPE, signage around the site of COVID work practices
  • Look up some funny memes related to building
  • Posts about how you’re doing virtual meetings

Gyms/Fitness/Recreational Centres

  • Create “valuable” and “educational” content about home workouts
  • Ask your community q’s about what they miss most about your centre and use this information as goal setting for the future
  • Post a joke of the day related to fitness/gyms
  • Create videos of short/quick workouts that people could do in front of the TV (something easy but valuable)

Beauty/Hair Salons

  • Quick videos of DIY make up and hair styles
  • Appreciation posts to your audience
  • Past photographs of your clients’ hair/makeup and how you’re looking forward to returning to this job
  • Inform about online pop up-store selling hair/beauty products (if you’re selling online)
  • Ask your audience to use a specific hashtag and share a video of themselves putting their lippy on and enjoying a #glamlife while at home!

The list goes on! There are so many ideas that you could be using for your social media during this COVID-19 crisis. If you guys need a hand with your business’s social media, feel free to reach out to us. Stay safe everyone! xx

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