Below are some other services we can provide for you if you’re after something a little different. Enquire with us to see how we can best serve your needs for your business’s social media

Social media starter (1/2 day workshop) Sydney only

With all the big and small tasks that accumulate in a business, it can be quite daunting to get started with your social media. The Social Media Starter is a helpful program to give you the confidence you need to get moving with your social media.

We come to you to train and guide you through the essential steps needed to kickstart your social media. We will tailor a social media solution to suit your business. From initiating your social media accounts, to linking accounts, photo tips, stories, and basically all that is needed to get your social media up and running, this is an ideal option if you wish to handle the social media on your own or with your in-house team.

Product photography & content creation

This is a common need for business owners with a boutique/online store. There is nothing like having your own branded photographs to suit the look and feel of your business.

Branded text based posts

If you’re in constant need of quotes/inspirational pieces of text and/or written tips for your social media audience, we can create a bundle of branded text-based posts for your business at an affordable cost. We will carefully design these posts around the colour scheme and design choice you’re after.