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5 Apps to help boost your Stories

Instagram places great attention on visual importance. After all, it’s a photo and video based social media app. With stories, people love to scroll across and be entertained by visually appealing content. But while your story templates/designs don’t make your product/service any better, using apps for various templates/transitions etc can help to diversify the look of your story content and to also give it a branded feel.

Stories are great even when posted without edits, completely off the cuff and natural. And some of our clients only prefer it this way. But for those of you who need to batch content and who heavily rely on Instagram Stories for their business’s marketing, it’s worth trying out different apps to give the wow factor to your stories and decide what suits best.

The story apps we’ve mentioned below have been tried and tested on iPhone, but are also accessible on Android.

Here are our 5 favourite story apps which we use interchangeably, depending on the client/industry:


I love this app for its simplicity, clean and minimalistic templates. You can load both photo and video into the app and arranging and sequencing your stories is easy and seamless. If you want to step it up a notch, you can purchase Unfold Pro and design your own templates so they’re branded for you. Sometimes, less is more, so with this app, you’ll be satisfied to find classic or modern looks, that are sophisticated and easy on the eyes.

This is a great app for the following industries: Photography, beauty/skincare, products, lifestyle, food

2. Impresso – https://impresso.com

Vibrant and stunning templates, this app has been a great option to use for the food industry among many others, especially when promoting specials. It has a fantastic music library for those wishing to use non-copyright music or you can load your own music. Impresso has great sticker options to connect with social media and food delivery apps

3. InShot – https://inshot.com

This is a video editing app, so its more technical than the other story apps mentioned here, but you have countless options for what you can do with your videos here, while also resizing to repurpose for other formats and other platforms! You can trim, overlay, slow down or speed up the clip, add filters and transitions and so many other tools. If you are already creating videos for your social media, then resize your video to fit 9:16 ratio and load up stories. Remember each story loaded needs to be under 15 seconds. Or you can load up to one minute and instagram will cut it into 4 stories for you automatically.


4. Canva – https://www.canva.com

Canva is my favourite design app, and fantastic for those who prefer to create content via a computer than a phone. This is because there are countless options to play around with and it is more comfortable working from a computer for this aspect. Note this downside though: If you’re making a bundle of video stories, you can’t download them as separates – they will all load as one big video which you don’t want if it’s for stories! There is, of course, a workaround, where you can cut up the videos into story-length videos, but this will mean more editing and double handling. However, if you’re just making a bunch of image based stories, they will load separately, meaning you can easily load one by one into your stories.

5. Mojo – https://www.mojo-app.com

Easy to use, create animated stories from tonnes of great templates to add the hype and wow factor to your stories. The app has categorised the story templates into different industries such as fashion, podcasts/music, food and digital media. It also has cutting edge typography templates for those wishing to use lots of text in stories.

So there you have it, a great variety of story/video apps that you can test our for yourself. They all have a free version so give them a go and if you want to utilise the full features, go for the Pro version and enjoy creating stories for your brand! Need a hand with ideas for Stories for your business? Feel free to Contact us 🙂

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