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Stuck for ideas for your social media campaigns this Christmas? Then, continue reading to get some inspiring ideas that you can try.

Christmas is just around the corner, and people are preparing for the festive season. Everyone wants to get their hands on the best items before the holiday season. Therefore, it presents brands with the opportunity to offer sales and discounts that can lure customers toward them.

This is where you need an impressive social media campaign for your brand this Christmas. Trying something new for the campaign can help you grab your target audience’s attention. So, what should you do differently? To help you out, we’ll share some brilliant ideas for your social media campaigns this Christmas.


Christmas is the time of year when people will send or get gifts. Therefore, it is the ideal time for you to present your product as an option for a gift that people can send to their loved ones. You can create a festive gift ideas guide that can entice your customers.

Customers want to be helped, so putting forward a simple gift guide that helps answer customer questions such as budget and gift size options, the festive gift guide attracts your target audience and gets them excited about the products. As a result, it will put them through your sales funnel, making them a customer. But remember, consistency is key! Team up some reels, static posts and stories based around your festive gift guide.

example of a festive gift guide for social media

Harness the Potential of Christmas Videos

When we talk about social media marketing, we cannot underestimate the power of videos. Video (or now more commonly known as Reels on Instagram) is one of the most accessible and shareable form of content.

Your Christmas videos/reels/TikToks should be fun and easy to get your point across. Use humor and striking, impactful graphics to convey your message. In this manner, it will successfully connect with the audience. Also, pay special attention to the visuals since that is what your audience will look at.

Come Up with Contest Ideas

Christmas is the ideal time for your marketing team to increase brand awareness and referrals. So, why not try out some social media contest ideas? You can create some giveaway content ideas for the holiday season to entice your customers.

There is nothing better than winning a social media contest this Christmas season. You can have a big giveaway or divide them into small ones according to your budget. Make sure the gifts are focused on your products, and you don’t lose too much margin.

Go for The Best Christmas Card Designs Ideas

Maintaining solid customer relationships is essential in a small business. Showing a good gesture can help you convert your followers into a customer. You can come up with a competition asking your followers to create a Xmas card design for your company, where the winner then receives a prize from you. And to further build community connections, get your audience to choose their favourite design. This shows inclusivity and also helps to build the Christmas spirit on your socials!

Team up with another small business / Collaborate

Expand your audience by teaming up with another business who sells products/services that complement yours. Create a special Christmas promotion that encourages customers to buy from both brands where they then save a percentage (or throw in some Xmas goodies?) – whatever works for your business. Harness the power of the “collab feature” on Instagram where two accounts can post together.

Come Up With the Best Social Media Campaigns This Christmas

With endless free tools available today, creating a social media campaign that focuses on the theme of Christmas is not difficult but can be time consuming for you as a business owner. Use apps such as Canva and Mojo to help theme up your Christmas campaigns with your brand. If this is still too time consuming, hiring an experienced agency like ours can assist you with it. We can generate some brilliant ideas for your business to help you with your social media marketing. Feel free to reach out to us if you need a Christmas campaign done for you!

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