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An insight on Instagram Shopping with Nat

Instagram today is more than just a visual platform where people, including businesses, share their posts and videos. It’s a shopping experience. It’s where the latest and greatest trends are found and if you want to sell on Instagram, there are many components to this which you need to consider in order to have a positive effect on the overall shopping experience for your customers.

Since Nat is (proudly) an avid shopper on Instagram for all things fashion and beauty, we thought we’d give you some insight from a customer perspective and what you, as a business owner, can look out for when considering selling your products via this powerful platform!

Q1. Based on your shopping experience for fashion and personal items, out of all the different shopping experiences available what percentage would you say comes from instagram?

Nat: I do most of my shopping via instagram! I love going on my explore page & finding things here – especially cause it’s tailored to my liking. I would say around 85% of my shopping is done via instagram.

Q2. Tell us about the most recent purchase you made through Instagram

Nat: The most recent purchase I made on IG was a cupcake bouquet by @bakedbouquet_ . I learnt about this brand through receiving a cupcake bouquet gift from a close friend. The product looked as good as their posts and this helped make my decision to purchase one as I knew I’d be happy with it. While they didn’t have a product tag on the photo post, I was able to send a DM and promptly received a response. The ordering process was quite simple. The best part about the shopping experience is the good customer service I received.

Q3. Do you get ideas from micro-influencers for what to buy? And if so, which micro-influencers do you like and why?

Nat: 100% , I get influenced by micro-influencers. They’re the reason I’m wanting to buy the products! Lately I am loving @sophadophaa_ . Her fashion sense is what I absolutely love & I feel as though she is such a genuine person. I also love @isabelle.clarke she is the reason why I cut my bangs! Her fashion sense is amazing. The last influencer I have been following closely is @matilda_murray_ who is the co owner of Stax. Her vibe is what I love – she links everyyyyyything she buys & she also replies to all of her DMs so whenever I have a question regarding either Stax, an outfit she’s wearing or about everyday things, she always replies.

Q4. What are some things businesses should look for in a micro-influencer?

Nat: – Make sure the influencer matches the vibe with your customers, is very open with their followers and has a well executed feed.

Q5. Finally, where is this lovely dress (featured picture) from?

Nat: This is a favourite piece I purchased, also via Instagram! It’s from @baysebrand 🤍

If you’re needing help with finding the right influencer for your business or have a question about Instagram shopping, please shoot us a message. Always here to help 🙂

Leila & Nat

On Point Social

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